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PE-Builder Plugins

!Profkit Optimizing comes with an Setup executable
("all files included, ready to xpe") NEW
* !Profkit Pebuilder-Kit Offline Optimizing ...
Download !profkit.exe
PDFCreator plugin for !Profkit
("all files included, ready to xpe")
* PDFCreator a virtual Printer PDF file Creator ...
Ezboot - plugin multiboot dos,
recovery console, acronis & knoppix
("all multiboot menu files included,
ready to use, but without bins, imgs & bifs")
* Ezboot - plugin multiboot dos, recov. console, acronis & knoppix
Download ezboot.exe
GeOShellR4 * GeOShellR4 a really Explorer Shell replacement 4.11.10 (Release Candidate) Download
Boot Screen * Boot Screen from CopperDeck2 theme Download
MegaPing 4.4 * MegaPing 4.4 by Megneto Software
Evaluation version scans up to 5 hosts
requires the usage of a shell-loader like nu2shell.exe
* PEShellProcess
to start TheTruth's PEShell Swapper after Nu2menu Shell
or Explorer Shell; included is a process-kill-function
to kill Nu2menu or Explorer Shell
Pdf Printer Go2pdf * Pdf Printer Go2pdf Download
pe sort, primary shell and ProfilesDirectory tool * primary shell, ProfilesDirectory and sorting tool
to pe sort and set the primary shell and the ProfilesDirectory
extract it into the pebuilder folder
Proxyclient settings for System and IExplorer
("all files included, ready to xpe")
* Proxyclient settings for System and IExplorer
Context Menu Extensions ("ready to use") * Context Menu Extensions
PartitionMagic 8/WinPE-Multiboot-CD-Rom * PartitionMagic 8 - WinPE-Multiboot-CD - Run WinPE from Harddisk
Defrag with Vopt * Defrag with Vopt by Golden Bow Systems
K-Meleon Browser * K-Meleon Browser based on Mozilla 1.5 and Gecko Download
Created by Gerhard Broeske - Teletom

PE Builder Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.